Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lance - Grade 9

Lance completed the 9th grade this past school year. His combined  classes gave him 7 credits.
Lance took most of his classes outside of the home with a variety of teachers. This has given him a very customized education. He utilized two different homeschool co-ops and two different tutor type classes.

Spanish 1 B+
Marine Biology + Lab A-
Pre-Algebra A-
20th Century History A
Classic American Literature & Writing Skills A-
Art A
Trapping A
Improv (Speech) A
Gym A
Community Service

Attendance Calendar:

Reading Log:

Spanish 1: B+

Marine Biology + Lab: A

Pre-Algebra: A-

20th Century History: A

Classic American Literature: A-

Studied "To Kill a Mockingbird," "Manifesto," and "1984."

To Kill a Mockingbird:



Writing Skills: A-




Biking, home gym, skiing, swimming, kayaking, co-op gym class 

Community Service:

Helped set up for Annual Church Clothing Drive
Made lunches for the homeless

Life Skills:

Fire Safety:

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